Time saves lives. Helivac saves both.

Helivac is a complete emergency medical solution comprising of affordable air and
road medical transportation with advanced, rapid response medical care and state-of-the-art equipment for all members through a single emergency number: 0861 HELIVAC and our service providers.


You can’t afford to go without it!

  • Equestrian Events
  • Film and Television
  • School and Community Events
  • Motorsport Medical Coverage
  • Concerts and Galas
  • Theatre Productions and Festivals
  • Marathon’s, Duathlon’s, Tri-athlon’s and other running events
  • Road, Track Cycling and Mountain Bike Events

Health and Safety of attendees to ANY event should become an integral part of the planning, management process and general culture of the Event organizer.

One of Helivac’s core divisions specializes in Medical Event Management and Medical Standby.

Our team of qualified, registered medical staff will provide dedicated, on-site medical care at all types of events. Helivac has acquired fully equipped ambulances, response vehicles and an ATV quad bike specifically to service ANY event.

As per SASREA, a legal requirement now exists whereby medical services are required to be on site at an event. Helivac can provide this service in conjunction with the minimum medical requirements as per the SANS 10366 and will cater the medical requirements to suit your event needs while ensuring compliance with legislation.

Every event is unique – as are the medical requirements. The size; location; duration; and number of people attending the event are just some of the contributing factors determining the medical compliment. This means that the Medical Staff will only tailor the medical requirements after taking all these factors into consideration. A member of our Event Management Team will be present at all the on-site/pre-planning meetings and will liaise with all of the hospitals and other emergency services in the area. A medical procedure plan will be provided for every event as well as the emergency procedure planning documentation as required by the local council in the area in which your event is being held.

An important consideration to keep in mind when choosing your medical team for your events is whether they can transport a patient from the event location to the nearest hospital if need be. Helivac is registered with the BHF (Board of Health Care Funders).

This added benefit ensures that there is no delay in getting a patient to hospital, without affecting the dedicated on-site medical resources therefore your event will still comply with legislation.

As part of our Team, Helivac also has a Health & Safety Officer who is trained in Health, Safety and Environmental legislation in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This benefit can be utilized separately or as part of your entire medical needs for a specific event.

Our equipment and resources include:

  • Emergency response & patient transport vehicles
  • Medical triage and treatment tents
  • First aid supplies and equipment
  • Basic Life Support Supplies and equipment
  • Oxygen Therapy Supplies and equipment
  • Cardiac Defibrillation Services
  • Intravenous Therapy/ Services
  • Symptom relief medications
  • Over the counter medications
  • Advanced care medications

Helivac specifically selects their staff based on professional experience, current clinical knowledge, compassion and the ability to communicate with a diverse range of people and communities.