What is Helivac?

Helivac is a complete emergency medical solution comprising of affordable air and road medical transportation with advanced, rapid response medical care and state-of-the-art equipment for all members through a single emergency number: 0861 HELIVAC.

Ambulances, paramedics & HEMS
Emergency medical care
24-hour medical call centre
Telephonic trauma counselling
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Helivac Assist
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Immediate Emergency Medical Services

In the event of an accident, the difference between life and death can be mere seconds. You need an emergency medical service (EMS) that can react instantly, provide you with on-site medical attention and transport you safely and quickly to the closest, most appropriate medical facility.

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Helivac Core

Individual or Family Membership
R 109
Per month
  • Individual Membership R109 p/month
  • Family Membership R165 p/month per family of 6

Helivac Essential

Individual or Family Membership
R 149
Per month
  • Individual Membership R149 p/month
  • Family Membership R195 p/month per family

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