The Helivac Corporate and Employee Benefit

As a business owner You will be able to focus on your business with Helivac, knowing you have “peace of mind” and that your staff and their family members will have access to the following benefits when it matters.

What's Included in your Helivac Corporate and Employee benefit membership?

Helivac mobile panic app

24-hour medical call centre

Nationwide network of ambulance and paramedical teams Cost of services included

Access model 

Medical advice line

Poison hotline

Telephonic trauma counselling

Telephonic consultations 

Casualty cover R20,000.00 casualty cover included. T'c's apply.

Flight assistance relief payment R50,000.00 flight assistance relief payment included. T'c's apply

Funeral policy R10,000.00 funeral cover. T'c's apply.

Your Corporate and Employee benefit in detail

24-Hour Emergency Contact Centre

In order to ensure efficient and effective call taking and call handling, Helivac uses one national number 0861 Helivac (0861 435 482) operated through a high-tech emergency contact centre, 24-hours a day. The centre is supported by an independent off-site disaster and back up location.

Highly medically trained and extremely dedicated medical call centre operators, make immediate informed decisions about the nature and extent of the call. Sophisticated dispatching software, mapping technology, and medical databases allow the staff to provide a seamless service to emergency and non-emergency callers.

Casualty Benefit

Your selected Helivac Membership, will offer you the right to an initial pre-authorised and necessary Casualty fee of up to R 20 000.00 per incident, which will include the Hospital Casualty fee, Doctor fee, Radiology fee and Pathology fee.

All Casualty visits must be authorized by the Helivac 24-Hour Contact Centre before this benefit can be used.
Hospital Casualty Pre-Payment Fee paid up to R 20 000.00, per Member.

After being transported via an Emergency Ambulance Service Provider through the Helivac Membership, you will receive the following (in total up to R20 000 per Member):

  • Hospital Casualty Fee – R 10 000.00 limit
  • Doctor Fee – R 3 000.00 limit
  • Radiology Fee – R 5 000.00 limit
  • Pathology Fee – R 2 000.00 limit

 All services mentioned above may not exceed the limit of R 20 000.00 per incident. All exceeded amounts will be for the Member’s own account.

Authorisation must be obtained via our 24-hour Call Centre before any Casualty cover will become available.

All calls and authorisations must come via the Helivac call centre in order for the accounts to be settled directly by Helivac.

No payments will be made to any Member or nominated person – all payments are made directly to the service provider who attended to the patient during any authorised Hospital Casualty visit. No Member can claim back for payments made for medical services rendered, as no refunds will be made to a Member.

Authorisations will also not be granted for Members treatment performed by their family General Practitioner (GP). All authorised medical services must be performed at a Hospital Casualty Department by the personnel employed by or working for that department.

Telephonic Trauma Counselling, Medical Advice, and Assistance Hotline

Helivac Personnel shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide general medical information and advice.

This is an advisory service, as a telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis. In addition to the general medical advice service, one call to 0861 Helivac (0861 435 482) will trigger the medical operators to guide a person through a medical crisis, involving the member by providing emergency advice or by organising for the member to receive the support required, utilising the 24-hour Contact Centre.

This service includes referrals to Crisis lines, in case of:

  • Telephonic Trauma Counselling
  • Suicide Hotline – Lifeline
  • Poison Hotline

Your funeral benefit

  • Your Helivac Corporate and Employee benefit includes a funeral benefit of up to R10 000 per member.
  • Hassle free without any tests or screening.
  • No Waiting Periods.


The Helivac Assist Panic Button

The Helivac Assist Panic Feature turns your cell phone into the ultimate assistance tool in ANY situation.

No matter what time of day, or where you are, our network of professionals will be able to pinpoint your whereabouts and send the necessary services to your exact location, in the fastest possible time.

The Helivac Panic connects you directly to our call centre via a GPS Smartphone app or via a USSD option.

At the time of receiving an alert in our Emergency Call Centre, all your location details are populated on our case management system, which better assists the Call Centre agents when contacting you back to assess your emergency needs.

The Smartphone App is designed for both Apple and Android devices and is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play
The Helivac CRM provides paramedics with swift and essential patient information based on any number of personal items belonging to the member- ID book; cell phone number or car registration plate.

The software works with the personal information that the member has uploaded online onto our system. This information is then available to the emergency services arriving at the scene either by contacting the Call Centre or by a link via their Smartphones.

“Helivac Assist does not only save vital minutes in attending to the victim, it also provides additional relevant information, which includes photographs for easy identification, medical aid details, allergies and next-of-kin details.”

All of this information could be vital in saving time and lives!
For more information please contact or contact us on 0861Helivac

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