Helivac Essential

Cover for you and your family in the event of a medical emergency or untimely death. With the push of a button, you will have access to a network of private medical service providers within South Africa to assist you or your loved one during your time of need in a medical emergency as well as Trauma Counselling to deal with any emotional situation.  

Helivac Essential

Individual Membership
R 149
Per month
  • Individual Membership Only R149 per month
  • R200 Once Off Joining Fee

Helivac Essential

Family Membership(6 Members per family)
R 195
Per month
  • Family Membership Only R195 per month
  • R200 Once Off Joining Fee

What's Included in your membership?

Transportation by a complete network of ambulances, paramedics as well as the HEMS (Medical Helicopter Service). These are resources and Service Providers closest to the scene of your emergency.

Nationwide Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care

Funeral Benefit – Up to R20 000 per member

24-hour Medical Call Centre

24-hour Medical Advice Line

Trauma Counselling

A Panic Button (See Helivac Panic below) with Location Based Software

A Mobile App that sends your GPS coordinates through to our Medical Call Centre

Immediate Emergency Medical Service saves valuable time​

In the event of an accident, the difference between life and death can be mere seconds. You need an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) that can react instantly, provide you with on-site medical attention and transport you safely and quickly to a suitable medical facility.

Helivac provides South Africa’s first subscriber-driven, advanced medical rescue membership that dispenses our Service Providers without the need for medical aid subscription or authorisation. By eliminating a medical aid risk assessor from the process, Helivac can ensure that there are no delays in getting you or your loved ones the medical attention they require.

What is Helivac?

Helivac is a complete emergency medical solution comprising of affordable air and road medical transportation with advanced, rapid response medical care and state-of-the-art equipment for all members through a single emergency number: 0861 HELIVAC should show number as well and our service providers.

Helivac’s evacuation and rescue service provides a one-stop emergency medical solution. 

Helivac’s primary goal is to provide accident or trauma victims with an unsurpassed round-the-clock advanced emergency rescue service. Access to a countrywide network of Service Providers with ambulances, medical evacuation helicopters and highly experienced medical teams puts Helivac at the forefront of EMS service delivery.

In addition to its extensive road coverage, Helivac’s service offering includes, where possible,  aviation-trained doctors, paramedics and advanced medical equipment to the scene of an emergency by helicopter in order to treat and then medically transport a seriously ill or injured patient to a trauma centre where trained trauma counsellors deal compassionately and expertly with victims.

Helivac has become a nationwide, one-stop emergency medical solution that saves lives by saving time and provides unparalleled medical care and expertise.

In its infancy, HELIVAC MEDICAL SERVICES was created to fill a gap in the currently under-serviced emergency road and air rescue segment of South Africa’s emergency services.

Today HELIVAC MEDICAL SERVICES is an Emergency Medical Service concept that is unique to South Africa:

It requires no medical aid or authorisation

It is partnership focused, through their access to majority of the BHF Registered Service Providers in South Africa

It is subscriber driven (a South African first)

It is growing the largest fleet network in South Africa through its service providers

It has a national footprint

It is 100% pre-paid, so there are no hidden costs

Helivac uncompromisingly addresses the current South-African EMS situation and its present problems and will continue to identify and address areas of improvement and contribution to South African EMS nationwide.

Funeral Policy

THE BEST Funeral Society (Pty) Ltd (TBFS) is a funeral and related micro insurance UMA in association with Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited (Hollard Life) providing relevant and effective micro insurance benefits.

Comprehensive Packaged Benefits: Important Notes

Policy Holders – The benefits are only available to members of Guardian Assist, who is the policyholder

Application Forms – Members will complete beneficiary nomination forms

Insured People – The Member / Member and immediate family, subject to accurate information provided

Policy Documents – Members receive a certificate of cover and a policy summary. A copy of the full policy terms and conditions will be made available to the member upon request from TBFS, Hollard Life or Guardian Assist.

Data base – All members and their dependents’ details are captured onto a database imported using electronic bordereaux. Only members who have been accepted on risk are entitled to benefits for the month in which the premiums are paid.

Waiting Periods – There is no waiting period for the Member / Member and immediate family for Compulsory member take-up.

Take-up – for members of Guardian Assist, participation in this package benefit is compulsory

Service Providers – Services are provided by appointed service providers. While every effort is made to ensure service delivery by the appointed service providers, Hollard Life and THE BEST Funeral Society cannot accept any responsibility for services not delivered, or part delivered by a service provider or any cost arising from the non-or part delivery thereof.

Claims – The death of an insured person must be reported in writing to Guardian Assist within 72 (seventy-two) hours from the date of death.

Claims Documents Required:

A fully completed Claim Form with correct payment details;

A certified copy of the Identity Document of the Deceased Insured Person;

A certified copy of the Identity Document of the Claimant;

A certified copy of the Death Certificate of the Deceased Insured Person and the Form BI1663/DHA1663;

A “Police Report” in the event of death by unnatural/accidental causes.

Additional documents may be requested, as would be required for any Value-Added Benefit claims.

Funeral Benefit Summary

Minimum Entry Age – 18 years

Maximum Entry Age – 65 years

Members over the age of 65 years will receive cover of up to R 10 000.00

Waiting period Member and Immediate Family – None

Waiting Period for Suicide – 24 months

Eligibility – All members

Member & Immediate Family Only
 Insured People / Entry Ages Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit Conditions
 MemberR20 000R20 000Min. Entry Age18 yrs
 PartnerR20 000R20 000Max. Entry Age65 yrs
 Child (14 to 20)R20 000R20 000Waiting period0 Months
 Child (6 to 13)*R10 000R10 000
 Child (1 to 5)*R5 000R5 000Max Partners1
 Child (0 to 11 months)*R2 500R2 500Max Children4
 Stillborn Child*R2 500R2 500Foetus over 28 weeks